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* A Fazzo-special - made from my heart for Maria! *

An Extra - Large bag, to carry around all your stuff.: made of a vintage Dutch postal sack, with a lot of Fazzo-details:

The hooks on top of the bag to which the straps are attached, are the original ones from the postal sack.

On the front, the Dutch text, and Fazzo logo. On the back, the French text and - as a little joke - the colors applicated the other way around just like the French flag. On one side, a little grey flower.

The straps are made of postal sack fabric + dark blue denim. One is made in reverse, so when you carry your bag, you see one strap of postal sack and the other one of denim. One strap is embellished with a little red flower, and on the other strap I made a little heart , with initial M on it .

Inside the bag you'll find a pocket made of denim, to put your wallet/cell-phone/keys.. etc.

The bag closes on top with a wooden button

Dimensions: app. 17 x 40 x 50 cm ie 6" x 16" x 20"

Price: € 94.95

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