Welcome at Fazzo's!

Fazzo means: special hand made items, original and one of a kind!

Everything is made of (vintage) fabrics, mostly postal sacks, flower- and coffeesacks - from the Netherlands, France, the US, and even from the Nederlands Antilles!

All fabrics have been used before, and that is something extraordinary that you can feel and see: all bags and cushions are different and unique.

I add new items to this website as I make them. If you would like to be the first to see my new designs and product, please use the 'like-it'-button on the left. On Facebook I will keep you informed on everything I make.

If you have a special wish or request, regarding for example finishing or lining, don't hesitate to contact me. I could for instance add a robust inital or another kind of silhouet - that looks great on a bag!

Of course I ship worldwide, please contact me for more details.

Thanks a lot for your interest in Fazzo, and have fun!

Best regards,






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