Fazzo all over the world!


On this page I would like to thank everyone who purchased my items for their enthousiastic reactions and kind messages.

I proudly show you where my products ended up, and how some of them are doing at the place of their new owners.

Where can you find Fazzo?

In Holland: 

Aerdenhout, Alkmaar, Alphen aan den Rijn, Apeldoorn,  Bilthoven , Breda, Bunschoten, Dedemsvaart, Delfzijl,  Deventer,  Enschede, Epe, 's Gravendeel, Groesbeek, Haarlem, Hattem, Heerde, Hilversum, Kaatsheuvel, Laren, Maastricht, Nieuw Lekkerland, Oirschot, Rijen, Sittard, Sliedrecht, Swalmen, Terschelling (!), Ugchelen , Velserbroek, Waalre, Wassenaar, Zwolle

And in the rest of the world:

South Melbourne Australia,
Manuka Canberra  Australia
Mount Elgin, Canada
Altbach Deutschland
Eschweiler, Luxembourg
Jacksonville, Arkansas, USA
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Syracus, New York, USA
Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA (thanks Maria!)
San Diego, California, USA
Everyone: Thank you for your contribution to this page!
 Boxkleed en opberger PTT postzak Fazzo
Fazzo boxkleed verhuisdeken en PTT postzak
Fazzo op Terschelling
Balkonkussens PTT postzak
Balkonkussens PTT postzak
Tas XL  Tas XL
Riem Deventer 
Opberger XS PTT postzak ApeldoornOpbergers S PTT postzak basilicum
   Tas M002 Fazzo 
Tas L001 B Apeldoorn 
Fazzo in Turkije 
Tas M002 Ugchelen 
T-shirt op bestelling
Fazzo shirt Naam Jungle  Fazzo shirtje Naam Jungle
Fazzo shirt naam Hawaii
And finally, all of my items, at a Summer Fair
Zin in de zomer fair
Zin in de zomer fair

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