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Bag - M

Unique shoulderbags in various sizes and models.  

Bag M004

This is really something special: this messengerbag has been made of a Japanese postal bag!

Lining of red linen, a great combination that gives you that Japanes 'feel'! 

Dimension: app 20 cm x  30 cm 

Price: € 54.95 

 Fazzo tas M004 Japanse postzak

 Fazzo Tas M004 Japanse postzak achterkant

 Tas M004 japanse postzak Fazzo

 M004 Japanse postzak Tas Fazzo


Bag M002

Made of a vintage Dutch postal bag, with various original details  

Dimensions: app 25 cm x 20 cm 

Price: € 49.95  

 Model A - with lime green lining 

  Tas 2 voerinigTas 2 schouderband  

Model E - lining with romantic flowers

 Tas M002 E voering en vakjes PTT postzak


Bag M001 

Like the M002, with some handknitted ornaments

Dimensions: app 25 cm x 20 cm 

Price: € 49.95

Model B - lime

Tas M001 limegroen PTT postzak


Bag M006

Made of a hessian coffee-sack from Guatemala! 

Dimensions: app 25 x 25 cm x 12 cm. 

Price: 44.95 

 Tas M006 Koffiezak Guatemale coffeesack

 Tas M006 koffiezak

 Tas M006 achterkant koffiezak

Some more examples of the possibilities: 

Tas PTT ronde flap Tas M001 turquoise


Tas M001 paars PTT  Tas m003 zeilringen PTT


Tas m002 met fotovakje Tas M002 met zeilringen PTT postzak


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